Self’s sub-personalities

Sub-personalities (or Personas) are the range of different sides, aspects, roles or fixations we all have. We may consider them a mood, a preoccupation, a dream or a fear of something. They exist as elements within what I am calling here the Autopilot type aspects of self. They include a wide range: the styles to … Read more

Images & Identifying

Watching the scenes above, one can realize how there are definitely times we find ourselves having chosen (or at least having wanted to chose!) to Stay in one Place for a bit – and other times when we just Have to Move… (Speaking of which, please note that you can pause, speed up/slow down the … Read more


Resources you might not have thought you had… As you read this website my guess is you are looking for ‘help’ :>). My suggestion is that the way forward to some answers for yourself is Not to find: “Someone Else’s Truth” – it’s to find your truth. Given that confusion seems to be a basic … Read more