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Barry Johnston-Spooner    M. Ed.

U P D A T E - October 2020. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, at the moment I am meeting clients 1) on the phone 2) by videochat or 3) in person in my secluded back yard - at least until it gets too cold! While I had hoped to move back to meeting people inside in my home office - with Covid-19 precautions in place - unfortunately I no longer see that as workable in the present circumstances for the foreseeable future. Please note that most of this site is for in-depth reading. Links open in place of a current page. However the Dreaming page gives a more 'picture based' idea of what we are dealing with these days.. Hope you find what works for you :<)

Given all the above (!) may Calm Intent bring you Peace, help us all Evolve Beyond War - with Self or Others... For online or telephone 'E-Therapy' I am available for e-counselling, e-therapy etc. - that is, by video or audio (*not however, unfortunately by text or email*). For the information on how to arrange this, you can click here or use the Contact & Rates Info link at the top of the page on the left. PLEASE NOTE:: To pay by credit card here, please click $80.00 or $100.00 or else $120.00. Alternatively to pay by Pay Pal please use the reddish "Make a Donation" button on the top right when alll the text and pictures are visible (in landscape mode on a smartphone or tablet or else just set wide on a computer). Thanks in advance.

Supervision of new psychotherapists :<) If you are just entering the field as a new therapist and looking for a supervisor, please contact me directly. I have been providing supervision for over 35 years and have completed the new 30 hours of training in supervision required by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

Change: It's pretty central to our lives, yes? You may want to be able to change - but feel it's not possible. You may want to not change (!) while your life, job, parent, partner, child or ex-partner is Requiring you to Do So (and you know you're in trouble if you ignore that...) Then there's all the wide assortment of types of pain we can feel. You may know (or suspect) that you're in distress and be hoping to change that.

As you arrive on this site , you may be wondering: "How do I change in a manner that fits me - and what way is it that a psychotherapist can really help with this?"

Psychotherapy is really an aid to reflection, leading to shifts in consciousness/feeling - thinking and therefore consequent changes in action. Such times of healthy learning and growth can certainly be done without the therapist - they just assist. Like hiring any consultant, you need to be in charge.

For an overview of what legal rights and so on that you have when you see a Registered Psychotherapist please see the Understanding what Therapy is, what Privacy, Rights & Responsibilities you and I have: section at the bottom of the "Services" page.

A pause here to clarify. At times Words may help us to understand this complex issue of Change. Yet at other points they can definitely get in the way! In case you find that happening here, there's another page on this site where I put evocative dreamlike Images alongside Text to try and highlight the dialogue we all have between different aspects of ourselves. In other words, that page may Speak more clearly to you... Called the Dreaming page, it addresses how we can be caught in an overly habit based life, failing to realize how we've been living through different parts of what I call Autopilot self.

Over the years as one learns to move beyond being caught by these overly "Automatic" parts of ourselves, that process of self reflection that I underline above can indeed help us shift our sense of options, see Self and Other from a different perspective and thus feel better. This website aims to assist you to do that. Please note, though, that how I write about therapy here is likely not the way I would explain things in person; I adapt what I present to the specifics of someone's situation. Here I'm giving a set of general ideas on how to facilitate those steps - i.e. reflections as you read which may to lead to shifts in consciousness or feeling and consequent changes in how you may approach actions in yourself and your life. So this site's explanations are like generic therapy on the web - it's not the same as the person to person version...

So to me this site will be a success if it's of use to you on this or other questions without you even contacting me. I've gained so much from what I do as a psychotherapist that I'd like to give back this way. Please feel free to contact me with a question or a comment (email me at barrylightflow 'at' gmail 'dot' com or else click or tap here). Otherwise, please take what makes sense to you on these pages and leave whatever does not fit for you... The information on this site is set so that it can be approached from a number of different angles. Start wherever you'd like - hopefully there'll be some worthwhile food for thought and feeling :>)

One starting place: For about 50 years now I've been a therapist for individuals and couples, a group, workshop and seminar leader, public speaker on personal growth and supervisor for therapists in training. Most recently we have now entered a new era in Ontario, Canada as there is a College of Psychotherapists of which I am a member and thus a Registered Psychotherapist.

My primary belief is in our health and our capacity to find out how to change! I hope the energy of what I offer here transcends this screen you are viewing it on and comes to be of use to you. I do find blunt explanations limiting, so at points I use images or poetry - as you'll find on some pages. My three adult daughters have teased me in the past that I can over-explain things - hopefully you'll find only minor examples!

For contact information and my rates, you can click here or use the Contact & Rates Info link at the top of the page on the left. My home office is in London, Ontario, Canada, but I also have a 'e-therapy' services via video conferencing and/or by telephone as options. They can be paid with PayPal, Interac/debit or else a credit card. I also offer the option of us talking for free for 10 minutes to see if "how I sound" seems to be a fit that would work for you.

Whether you are here for help or just curious, I hope you find words, images, concepts or at least an intent that assists you. Please Freely Explore, phone or email me about my services and/or just to comment. Freedom is up front in my practice name because that's where I feel it should be...

My type of work as a hopefully continually evolving psychotherapist is a journey in mindfulness. I find a reflective (yet proactive) orientation frees me and I look to provide that for those who come to see me. The pages here provide a chance to consider how to gain - or regain - a sense of peace in one's life. I do believe we can uncover instances in our daily life of being able to access an inner door in awareness which lets us open to a more expanded world and sense of ourselves. My aim is that you'll find instances of that through these pages.

Neither my viewpoint nor my therapy style can be contained in a few quick words. When I first started putting this site together about thirteen years ago I looked to see whether I could find another therapist's site which might explain some of this using a different set of words than mine. So, although his orientation is not as including of a spiritual perspective as you will find here, I like Dr. Bennett Poole's overview of psychotherapy here ... He says therapy is all about finding workable help for getting past "feeling stuck or lost." I heartily agree.

Aside from having obtained my Master's degree in counselling psychology, I can say that Taoism, metaphysics, Mindfulness Meditation, a therapy framework called Psychosynthesis, group and family therapy orientations, Milton Erickson's work (as well as what we used to call the Human Potential Movement!) have all added to my present style. I know that honouring the mysteries of self and spirit can work for people as we talk. For more of my personal story click here or see About Me on the above left.

The Images and Identifying page gives a more comprehensive overview of how I view us able to move to health: click or tap here.

Just when I thought (several years ago) that I had this site ready for launching I started creating the Dreaming page. It now has far more images than the images page! One's journey towards a more mindful approach to life means an ongoing deciding to notice who and how we are, what way we can do more to wake up, moving beyond our usual habitual routines; our addictions, scripts and self automations. There are many ways we can be caught into less than happy parts of this Life-Dream >:) That Dreaming page continues to amaze me, frankly, with what it ends up being able to convey in image and counterpointed words...

The sub-personalities page here (or through the link on the left above) gives a helpful perspective on how the personas, roles or scripts we have within ourselves can profoundly effect the way we feel. It also gives some small beginning tips as well on what we can start to do about them.

As an incorrigible poet, you'll find some of my attempts to portray our potentials for expansion at the bottom of the Resources page that you can get to here. On the same page you can also take a look at a way of conceiving Who You Are from a psycho-spiritual perspective.

Not Least (nor Final really...) on the Reflecting & My Work page I continue into a more in-depth explanation on my style, philosophy and orientation - plus what way I believe I may be of help to you.

May you have happy meandering here!

Last Preliminary Note:

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense."


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