You can contact me by filling out the form below - or else use your own email process separately, - sending a message to Barrylightflow "At" gmail "Dot" com. I work out of a home office located at 40 Windsor Avenue (N6C 1Z7) in the Old South, Wortley Village area of London, Ontario. My number here at my home is - 519 686 6822. However if you are concerned about phone charges please email me with your number and then we can arrange a time when I will call you. I also see plenty of clients through E-Therapy - psychotherapy via video or phone - meaning you can be anywhere in Ontario, Canada and we can ‘meet virtually’ by video or by phone. For E- Therapy set up please see instructions at the bottom of this current page you are on. For video meetings we can use FaceTime or the Zoom video service (which I pay for) which allows us to meet using whichever type of laptop, tablet or smartphone that you have.




My home office is in the Old South, Wortley Village area of London, Ontario where I see people (from the age of 12 up) for individual, marital, family or group psychotherapy. In addition I can work with clients via video- chat services through Zoom, Skype or Apple's "Face Time" video calls or else on telephone call sessions as needed. I do also provide workshops and seminars at various locations as needed. Please note that I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario Canada. As insurance providers will now be covering such services, you should be able to be reimbursed through your extended health benefits for seeing me. I do not provide emergency services and I am not a medical doctor, a psychologist or a social worker. For more on this, see the services page here.

For individual, couple and/or family therapy I charge on a sliding scale - from $120 per sixty minute hour down to $80 based on circumstances. Please contact me for details. My group therapy prices are based on $30 per person per session paid in advance with a minimum of 3 people attending.

My psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. They will possibly be covered by third party insurance (i.e. through your employer, etc.) but that would need to be clarified. I hold a registration certificate with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario with a Masters degree in Counselling. Please contact your human resources department to see what they require for you to obtain service from me and for them to pay for my services.

I am currently registered with the SSQ as well as the Greenshields Insurance companies for direct billing through ProviderConnect and will be adding other extended benefit providers as they are available.

My rates for psychotherapy provided by telephone or video connection through Zoom, Skype or Facetime are on the same sliding scale as in person sessions. Please contact me for details. Fees would be paid through PayPal, Interac or a credit card. I'd be happy to talk to someone for free for a first five minute consultation for you to find out if I 'sound right' (!) for you. See my comments about my style here.

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October, 2018 - E-Therapy General Instructions for informed consent for us to 'meet'...

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The following 9 sections/paragraphs below include key information and explanations of your rights and options as well what way I look to assist you. Since we will potentially not meet in person, the 'terms' of our online meeting need to be spelled out as clearly as possible. Please phone me first if you have any questions about all of what follows here ; <>[} ... Because of how psychotherapy is legally 'framed' in Ontario I will need these forms to be understood between us (and acknowledged to be so) either in writing - or through a recording we would make together if not in writing. Consequently if you are wanting to obtain e- counselling with me, you need to somehow make a copy of these 9 sections/paragraphs, sign it as below with your information and email it to me at barrylightflow @ gmail 'dot' com - or else text it to my cellphone at 416 895 9414. If neither of those options work for you there is another option. We will set a first time to talk and then - at the time - instead of this 'form' as below, I can make a few minutes recording (via video or phone) which will substitute for you filling this in. . Thanks in advance. ; <> [}

Sect 1 ~ ~ ~ Background & Overview of Psychotherapy ~ ~ ~

Sect 2 Barry Johnston-Spooner, M.Ed. ~ Freedom Experience Therapy 40 Windsor Ave., London, Ontario N6C 1Z7; 519-686-6822

Sect 3 Introduction: As a Registered Psychotherapist, I want to explain what rights, options and terms we meet under.

Sect 4 Perspective: In brief, therapy is about gaining clarity and harmony in our choices. Starting to see a therapist may be: 1) scary 2) a relief 3) confusing 4) something else or 5) have you asking “what the ___ is therapy anyway”? My orientation is given more fully on this website but in a first session (or any later time) I’d be glad to explain how I look to help you - plus why I choose that view. In sum, I am here as a consultant to you: you’re in overall charge. I believe it’s possible to increase your balanced self assertion (i.e. not being too passive - nor too pushy) toward a happier lifepath, better relationships. Among others, I offer psychosynthesis, emotional/practical/mindfulness based types of viewpoints.

Sect 5 Privacy: You may 1) expect complete privacy or 2) be worried you’ll have to give up your privacy. The reality is somewhere in between. I am required to keep records (safely and not shared with anyone) but also to let authorities know if there’s a risk to others or to yourself of significant harm that I would be required to report. There are complex rules under which this works in Ontario. They are referenced on my website or at the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario website at or else even more extensively at the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, (416) 326-3333 or 1-800-387-0073; Website:; Email:

Sect 6 Appointments, costs, cancellations etc: My usual fee is $120.00 per 60 minute hour but can be reduced down to $80.00 if need be. Unless otherwise arranged, payment is at each session by cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer. Ideally I’d like 24 hrs notice if you’re unable to keep an appointment and you can reschedule by phone or email. In an emergency there is no charge. But if there’s no emergency and you don’t provide at least 2 hrs notice then I request a $40 no- show fee from you. Please note that this $40 fee is a request, not a requirement.

Sect 7 If You Have Questions or Concerns: If you have any queries on any of this please let me know so we may discuss that. You are also entitled to contact the CRPO (as above) directly on their website at, by telephone at 416-862-4801 or 1-888-661-4801 or by email:

Sect 8 N.B. In person you would fill in the information below. If you are to meet with me online or by phone you need to somehow make a copy of these 9 sections/paragraphs, sign it as below with your information and email it to me at barrylightflow @ gmail 'dot' com - or else text it to my cellphone at 416 895 9414. If none of those options work for you then at the time we have arranged to talk, when we do meet then instead of this 'form', I can make a few minutes recording (via video or phone) which will substitute for you filling this in. Whichever way this all ends up, you can keep this sheet for reference. I’ll also keep a copy of this or of the recording which you will be able to access if you need it. Please be sure to Print the information below - except for the Signature... ! ; < > ] Thanks !

Sect 9 Consent: I, _____________________________________ have read, understand, & agree to the terms, collection, use, lawful disclosure & storage of my personal information outlined as above. D.O.B. yy_______mm_______dd_____ __ Phone __________________ Date:__________________ Occupation_______________________________ _______ Concern _______________________________________________ _____________ __________________________ Address _______________________________________________ _____________ _________________________ Email ___________________________________________ Signature:________________________________ _

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