You can contact me by filling out the form below - or else use your own email process directly - sending a message to Barrylightflow "At" gmail "Dot" com. Where I am most frequently available and see most clients is at my home office located at 40 Windsor Avenue (N6C 1Z7) in the Old South, Wortley Village area of London, Ontario. If you are looking to speak with me this is the best place to reach me. My number here at my home is - 519 686 6822. I also see clients out of a private office - in Richmond Hill Ontario (at the moment every second Wednesday) at Dr. Peter Zelina's building, located at 29 Centre Street West, (L4C 3P3) - which is just north of Major Mackenzie and slightly to the West of Yonge Street. Messages can also be left on my Toronto cell phone line - 416 895 9414. Last but not least, if you want to reach me by fax, my toll free fax number is 1 866 366 5619.




My home office is in the Old South, Wortley Village area of London, Ontario where I see people (from the age of 12 up) for individual, marital, family or group psychotherapy. I see clients as well in Richmond Hill, in which case I am able to supplement our face to face direct visits with video-chat services through Zoom, Skype or Apple's "Face Time" video calls or else telephone therapy sessions as needed. I do also provide workshops and seminars at various locations as needed. Please note that I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario Canada. As insurance providers will now be covering such services, you should be able to be reimbursed through your extended health benefits for seeing me. I do not provide emergency services and I am not a medical doctor, a psychologist or a social worker. For more on this, see the services page here.

For individual, couple and/or family therapy I charge on a sliding scale such that a reduction is possible if that is needed. Please contact me for details. My group therapy prices are based on $30 per person per session paid in advance with a minimum of 3 people attending.

My psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. They will possibly be covered by third party insurance (i.e. through your employer, etc.) but that would need to be clarified. I hold a registration certificate with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario with a Masters degree in Counselling. Please contact your human resources department to see what they require for you to obtain service from me and for them to pay for my services.

I am currently registered with the SSQ as well as the Greenshields Insurance companies for direct billing through ProviderConnect and will be adding other extended benefit providers as they are available.

My rates for psychotherapy provided by telephone or video connection through Zoom, Skype or Facetime are on the same sliding scale as in person sessions. Please contact me for details. Fees would be paid through PayPal, Interac or a credit card. I'd be happy to talk to someone for free for a first five minute consultation for you to find out if I 'sound right' (!) for you. See my comments about my style here. If someone wants detailed assistance strictly through email correspondence I am also willing to provide that. It would also be arranged through an online payment option.

For Workshops or Seminars please contact me directly.

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